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Fine Lines and Wrinkles Q&A

When over-the-counter treatments don’t smooth your fine lines and wrinkles, it’s time to repair the damage from the inside out. The caring medical professionals at Health and Beauty Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina improve the quality of your skin using the CynoSure® Icon™ aesthetic system. After treatments with the Icon laser, your skin is smooth, youthful, and virtually wrinkle-free. Women and men in the Charlotte area who want to look as young as they feel can book an Icon laser treatment online or by phone.

General Questions

Why do I have fine lines and wrinkles?

As your skin ages, it loses vital building blocks, such as a protein called collagen. Collagen forms the matrix of your skin, helping it stay firm, plump, and youthful.

Another key component you lose with age is elastin, which makes your skin resilient. With less elastin, your skin starts to sag.

The sun easily damages less elastic skin, but dynamic muscles also cause wrinkles. In the latter case, you develop wrinkles on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and at the sides of your eyes.

    What are effective remedies for fine lines and wrinkles?

    The most effective remedies for fine lines and wrinkles stop or reverse the changes that caused them in the first place.

    Xeomin, for instance, relaxes your dynamic muscles, so they stop creating wrinkles, and dermal fillers plump up deep grooves and creases. The Icon laser works by triggering your skin to produce new collagen and elastin to improve fine wrinkles and lines from the inside out.

    How does the Icon laser stimulate new collagen?

    The Icon laser heats up the deep layers of your skin, making them undergo a process called collagen remodeling. The heat creates micro-wounds in your skin, and your body repairs them with fresh, new collagen and elastin.

    A series of Icon laser treatments gives your skin buoyancy and strength that lasts for years. Your aesthetic professionals at Health and Beauty Associates recommend touch-up treatments every year or so to maintain your youthful look and texture.

      Does the Icon laser hurt?

      The Icon has a built-in Advanced Contact Cooling™ that maintains the surface of your skin at a safe and comfortable temperature. Your aesthetic professional can also numb your skin with a special gel before your treatment or recommend other ways of minimizing discomfort.

      Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. Over the next several weeks, you’ll notice changes in your skin’s pigment, texture, and tone as the fresh collagen renews your skin.

      Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by improving the quality of your skin with the Icon laser: Contact Health and Beauty Associates by phone or online for an Icon treatment.

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