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Everyone has something they don’t like about their skin, but spots, scars, and stretch marks are some of the most noticeable and bothersome. To make matters worse, these unsightly problems can affect anyone at every age.

While it’s true that liver spots appear as you get older, other spots like freckles and melasma can develop at an early age. Stretch marks are associated with pregnancy, yet teens often develop them during growth spurts, and they’re a common problem in people who gain weight.

The team members at Health and Beauty Associates are experts when it comes to helping you get clear, beautiful skin that makes you happy to look in the mirror. We offer an easy solution to all your spots, scars, and stretch marks: laser treatment with the Cynosure® Icon™ Aesthetic System (Icon).

Let’s talk about laser therapy for spots

Freckles, sunspots, melasma, and age spots (also known as liver spots or lentigines) — all the unwanted tan, brown, and grayish-black patches that mar your skin — develop when the pigment in your skin, melanin, goes into overdrive.

Melanin naturally darkens when it’s exposed to sunlight, which is how you tan. But unsightly dark spots, called hyperpigmentation, develop in areas where there’s an accumulation of melanin cells.

As specialists in today’s laser technology, we proudly use the Icon to eliminate skin spots. We can customize the laser to target pigmented skin, then the laser’s heat vaporizes the pigmented cells without harming your surrounding skin. After your body clears away the waste, the treated spots are gone for good.

Laser treatment reduces scars and stretch marks

Scars and stretch marks are closely related. Scars form during the healing process when fibrous tissues fill in a wound.

Stretch marks appear when your skin is stretched beyond its normal tolerance, which damages the fibrous connective tissue beneath the skin. As those tissues heal, they develop scars in the form of stretch marks.

By switching handpieces on the remarkably versatile Icon laser, we can treat scars and stretch marks using a wavelength that reaches deep below the skin’s surface. The laser’s energy helps break down fibrous tissue while also triggering collagen production.

As new collagen-rich skin replaces old skin at the surface, scars and stretch marks are smoothed away. You’ll also see a difference in your complexion as your skin rejuvenates, becoming stronger, more resilient, and evenly toned.

Laser treatment is gentle and fast

Getting results and improving your appearance are reason enough to consider laser treatment, but with the Icon, you can also count on a gentle experience and fast healing.

Lasers emit only a single beam of light, but the Icon fractional laser breaks the beam into many microbeams. The tiny light beams effectively treat the problem while leaving small areas of untouched skin. The untreated tissues accelerate collagen production and promote faster healing.

The Icon also has a built-in cooling system that ensures your comfort, and it’s quick — each session lasts less than 30 minutes.

If you’re ready to deal with dark spots, scars, or stretch marks, call Health and Beauty Associates at 704-931-1688 to schedule your consultation today. You can also send the team a message here on the website.