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Stretch Marks Q&A

If stretch marks are causing you to have low self-esteem and are hindering your quality of life, you don’t have to suffer. The expert medical team at Health and Beauty Associates in Charlotte, North Carolina, treat stretch marks using state-of-the-art Cynosure® Icon™ laser treatments to diminish their appearance. Call the office today to learn more, or book an appointment online.

General Questions

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are scars that develop when skin stretches rapidly. These marks happen when elastin and collagen in the skin rupture and then heal.

Stretch marks are usually indented pink, red, purple, dark brown, or reddish-brown marks, depending on the color of your skin. They can also be slightly itchy.

What causes stretch marks?

When your body rapidly expands, stretch marks can happen. Some common causes include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Muscle growth from weight training
  • Growth spurts during puberty
  • Using a corticosteroid on your skin for long periods of time
  • Fluctuating hormone levels
  • Breast enlargement surgery

You might be more prone to developing stretch marks if you have certain health conditions, such as Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s disease.

    Where do stretch marks appear?

    Stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body. Some common areas you may notice these marks include your:

    • Stomach
    • Breasts
    • Hips
    • Butt
    • Thighs
    • Arms
    • Chest
      How are stretch marks treated?

      The experienced medical team at Health and Beauty Associates diminish the appearance of stretch marks using various methods, including:

      Prescription topical medications

      Your doctor may recommend a specific prescription or over-the-counter medications you can apply directly to the skin to make stretch marks less noticeable. These include:

      • Hyaluronic acid
      • Tretinoin
      • Retinol

      Creams often work best when used to stretch marks early on, and they may not be appropriate for everybody, such as pregnant women.


      Another method that’s sometimes used to treat stretch marks is called microdermabrasion. Your doctor uses a handheld device that applies crystals to affected areas of your skin. These crystals gently remove the top layer of skin, promoting new skin growth that’s more elastic.

      Cynosure Icon laser treatment

      The experienced medical team at Health and Beauty Associates use non-invasive Icon laser treatments to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. This procedure reduces the look of stretch marks without harming surrounding tissue, leaving behind the smoother looking skin.

      The Icon laser uses a cooling system that maximizes comfort, and treatment sessions are quick (less than 30 minutes). There is little to no downtime after sessions so that you can resume normal activities immediately. You’ll notice results after just a few sessions.

      When you’re ready to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, call Health and Beauty Associates today. Book an appointment online.

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